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Frequently asked questions

What if I live in a different state/ country/time zone?

Irrespective of your place of living/ time Zone/ country, This program will always be on the portal for you to access and engage. The most important thing to know is that you don't miss anything regardless of your time zone.

Do you offer one-on-one training sessions?

CERTAINLY! after picking one of our packages, we will provide you with our days of training and all benefits attached to your benefit, and to help you maximize the values.

Is there a early cancellation fee?

Yes there is a cancellation fee only when you already started the course. After Payment of your program, there's NO REFUND.
Look at it this way, let your payment motivate you to take advantage of this program and remain committed to it.

What if I cannot attend the Scheduled classes?

The Classes will be saved on the portal, plus you get to workout whenever you want and at your convenience. This program is very flexible and tailored to your needs regardless of your schedule. The only thing you will miss is my HANDSOME face! kidding..

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